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As we are all aware, concussion legislation continues to tighten as we learn more about the long term impact concussions can have on young developing minds. With ProACT's service you will not only get the best in baseline testing protection but can also include coach/family education and a club/league action plan. Protect your organization and its athletes by choosing ProACT just like some of our partners below have already.

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Concussions in Sports

Concussions are a hot topic and extremely common - 1 in 5 high school athletes will sustain a concussion this year.  And in the case of youth club sports, those numbers are climbing. An effective strategy to identify, treat and return young concussed athletes to play safely is lacking. This puts our youth at tremendous risk not to mention the potential legal issues an organization faces if an injury is mishandled. A solution to this growing problem is not only the right thing to do at this point - it has become a necessity.  


ProACT was founded not only to provide youth athletes comprehensive Baseline Testing, but help protect the organizations they play for. ProACT's service is a turn key solution with all athlete/parent communication emails, payment acceptance and user friendly online scheduling. This is a win-win. Do the right thing for your athletes while protecting your club with ProACT. 

What is your league’s plan to protect these young developing minds?




Promote safety in your organization. One could easily argue that providing  youth athletes with baseline testing is the most critical step, as their brain tissue is going through progressive developmental stages. Let’s give them the tools to heal completely allowing for longevity in life and sport.  The parent /athlete community response has been excellent. Look great doing the right thing and avoid liability pitfalls due to negligence and under protecting your athletes.

Protect your athletes. With updated California Law passed this year regarding concussions and head injuries in youth sports, ProAct testing becomes the solution. (CA Assembly Bill 2007 requires documentation, immediate removal from play, a signed Fact Sheet and a return-to-play protocol). With ProAct you are covering your bases and providing specialized medical staff the information they need to identify the extent of an injury and ensure a safe return to sport timeline.

Provide what it takes. ProAct will come speak to coaches, families and athletes about concussion injuries. We’ll provide Baseline Testing and a Concussion Action Plan (CAP)

that you can brand and provide to your club members as your own. As a business, your club will show the family community you are being proactive about their athlete's health. This will provide an unprecedented degree of liability control in the event of serious injury.

We are here to assist and answer any questions you might have about baseline testing and our service.

Need more information? Contact us.

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