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The 'Portrait' of the Brain"

Pre-concussion baseline testing is like a 'portrait' of normal brain function. Consider it a pre-season physical for the brain.  Armed with this information, an athlete's injury can be properly managed, reducing the most traumatic effect of concussions - Second-Impact Syndrome (SIS).  The ProAct Test is a group of baseline tests and is considered the gold standard in athletic testing. 

For more questions about concussions, read our "Concussion 411" tab as well as our FAQ's.

So now that I have ProACT Test results,
how and when do I use them?

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ImPACT Passport is a mobile app that enables ProACT test takers to store their ID – the secure personal identification code provided after completing an ProACT baseline test. ImPACT Passport allows a parent or test takers to grant access to their data to a healthcare provider, record symptoms,  locate a healthcare provider or access educational content on concussion.


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Baseline Concussion Testing

What is concussion baseline testing?​


  • Baseline testing allows you to document the healthy brain function of an uninjured test taker.

  • We use a computerized test that takes approximately 25 minutes to complete from your own home on your own computer.

  • Testing is should be done prior to the season beginning but its only too late after a concussion has occurred. 

  • If a head injury occurs, will compare the baseline test results to those from a post-injury test.

  • The differences provide the healthcare provider insight into areas the individual is experiencing symptoms. 

  • May help prevent second impact syndrome.

What do baseline concussion tests measure?

  • Testing assesses an individuals:
  • visual,
  • verbal,
  • memory,
  • reaction time and
  • processing speed

Who benefits from concussion baseline testing?

  • The short answer is everyone from the athlete to the club.

  • The athlete benefits from receiving personalized concussion care which may result in faster recovery and returning to participation

  • The clubs benefit knowing they're giving their families the best possible chance for a quick and successful recovery.

  • The healthcare provide from having additional objective information about the pre-injury state of their patient. 


Is this testing valid and reliable?

  • Research and empirical data support the importance of valid and tools for concussion baseline testing.
  • Our testing is research-backed and has received clearance from regularly bodies worldwide. 

We are here to assist and answer any questions you might have about baseline testing and our service.

Need more information? Contact us.

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