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ProACT and Legends FC Player Health Initiative

The mission of ProACT is to provide the most valid, current and
reliable pre-concussion baseline testing, specializing in youth athletes and providing them the same level of protection that high school, college and professional athletes have been receiving for years.


Legends and ProACT

  • Athletes ages 12 & older within the Legends organization will receive a baseline test as part of the ProACT/Legends Player Health Initiative. In addition to a baseline test, athletes will also receive access to monthly content that include specialists in:

  • Sports Psychology and Mental Health

  • College Soccer Consulting

  • Onsite Physical Therapy

  • Onsite Pediatric Physical Therapy 

  • College and Career Counseling

Here's how the concussion baseline works:

  • 25-minute computerized neurocognitive test that creates a baseline assessment of how your athlete's brain functions prior to a concussion.

  • Test can be completed at home on an iPad or Computer;

  • After testing is complete, test taker will receive instructions and personal identification number for downloading app, logging in and storing results;

  • If your athlete sustains a suspected concussion, open the app and find a concussion specialist near you to retest your athlete and compare both tests results.

    • In many cases, your insurance will cover the cost of the doctors visit, follow-up test and additional services/testing necessary.

  • Once diagnosed and cleared, your athlete will be able to return to practice, school and competitions based upon the medical expertise of a physician specializing in concussion care. ​

Baseline Testing

With proper concussion baseline testing, we are able to create a record of how your athlete's healthy brain functions before injury. These test results can be used to compare pre and post concussion testing as a tool for accurate medical clearance post injury. This is the only FDA cleared test of its kind on the market.
This process helps athletes fully recover from injury and determines a safe return to play timeline, reducing the chance of long-term issues. Without baseline testing, returning to competition, physical activity and recovery becomes a guessing game.

Player Health Initiative Partners

Legends FC and ProACT have partnered to provide you with not only access to the best baseline concussion test but also other services your young athlete may need including college counseling, college recruitment resources and mobile physical therapy.


College and Career Planning

Anthony Russomanno

I change lives through education and counseling. I connect with students and families and identify unique opportunities within an organization and customize programs that align with their mission. I am an experienced and dynamic manager with a twenty five year track record of superior performance counseling students and families, executing sales and marketing campaigns, cultivating profitable partnerships, conducting leadership development, working with cross-functional teams, and driving business and product improvement.

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College Soccer Counseling

Joe Flanagan

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Bridge 2 PT

Our mission is to improve the experience of Physical Therapy for both our patients and Physical Therapists by providing convenient access to high quality, personalized healthcare that fits into your schedule when you need it most. Don't let the hustle and bustle of life or limited access to quality care get in the way of taking charge of your own health.

We are here to assist and answer any questions you might have about baseline testing and our service.

Need more information? Contact us.

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