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Concussion Treatment

Effective concussion management starts pre-season and before a potential injury occurs. The first steps are education and annual computerized Baseline Testing. This testing allows a concussion healthcare specialist to follow up with an in-office injury test. This injury test can then be compared to the athletes baseline test to provide an accurate picture of current brain function. This not only allows for proper medical management but in many cases, a quicker return to play.


Using ProAct's Concussion Action Plan (CAP), athletes and their

athletes and their families can find local concussion healthcare specialists to examine and treat an injury.

Treatment includes but not limited to:
  • Comprehensive medical screen including specialized testing such as CAT scan and MRI if warranted

  • In-office concussion 'injury' testing (to be compared to the non-injury Baseline Test)

  • Progressive exertion testing – usually administered by a trained physical therapist

If an athlete continues to play untreated or does not receive proper medical intervention, they are susceptible to Second-Impact Syndrome. ‘SIS’ is the result of recurrent brain trauma that can lead to long term neurological problems and even death. No doubt about it, concussions are serious - but when handled properly, an athlete can return quickly and safely to sport.

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