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Action Plan (CAP)

ProACT’s Concussion Action Plan (CAP) is in place to provide parents, athletes and coaches a process to follow in response to a potential concussion. The best action is immediate action.

The CAP System

Effective concussion management starts before a potential injury occurs. The most critical step is annual ProACT Baseline Testing. This testing allows a concussion specialist to accurately treat and athlete if a concussion is suspected. Your baseline test results can be compared to an in office post-injury test to provide an accurate picture of current brain health. If the concussion is severe enough exertion testing may be recommended prior to return to sport.


If an athlete does not receive baseline testing and continues to play without proper medical intervention, they are susceptible to Second-Impact Syndrome. ‘SIS’ can result when an athlete suffers a second concussion before the first concussion has fully healed. This recurrent brain trauma is especially harmful to young developing brains and can lead to long term neurological problems and even death. 


The ProACT Concussion Team has assembled this Concussion Action Plan (CAP) as a guide to follow in case of injury. It can be branded with your club's logo and used in educational materials. We've also outlined the best Concussion Injury Specialists in your area if treatment is necessary. 


ProAct's Concussion Action Plan (CAP) includes 5-steps:











If you suspect an athlete has experienced a concussion the first course of action is immediate conservative care. California Law states the athlete should be removed from play and evaluated by a licensed healthcare professional prior to return to play. 

Starting with ProACT Baseline Testing along with education on symptom recognition, the parent, athlete, coach and team can identify when a young athlete requires medical attention.

Follow up concussion care with a Concussion Injury Specialist. These medical doctors are specifically trained to diagnose and evaluate sport concussions. They will provide follow up injury testing in their office to compare to the baseline testing you received from ProAct.

Your provider may recommend exertion testing. They will monitor the athlete’s response to physical effort, including sports-specific activities.

Once the athlete is completing all relevant sport-specific activities without symptom aggravation they will be referred back to the physician for re-evaluation.

Following completion of exertion testing, the athlete will return to the physician for a final injury test and clearance for return to sport. The length of this process varies by individual. Clearance for return to sport can only be approved by your treating physician.

We are here to assist and answer any questions you might have about baseline testing and our service.

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