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The 'Portrait' of the Brain"

Pre-concussion baseline testing is like a 'portrait' of normal brain function. Consider it a pre-season physical for the brain.  Armed with this information, an athlete's injury can be properly managed, reducing the most traumatic effect of concussions - Second-Impact Syndrome (SIS).  The ProAct Test is a group of baseline tests and is considered the gold standard in athletic testing. 

Baseline Concussion Testing

Baseline testing is a critical component in athlete/sport preparation. By testing your brain’s ability before an injury (baseline), the medical doctor can use the results (compared to in-office injury test) to help identify when it is safe to return to sport. This return can often be quicker with testing as it allows a treating physician to be more confident about making recovery decisions. Baseline testing has long been required by professional, collegiate and some high schools sports teams, but not widely available to younger athletes.

So why is one brain considered more important than another?

This was our question. Research suggests young minds are not only more susceptible to concussions, but the effects can be more severe on long term brain development. The lack of baseline testing with these young athletes is simply a problem.

So now that I have ProACT Test results,
how and when do I use them?

Download the free app

ImPACT Passport is a mobile app that enables ProACT test takers to store their ID – the secure personal identification code provided after completing an ProACT baseline test. ImPACT Passport allows a parent or test takers to grant access to their data to a healthcare provider, record symptoms,  locate a healthcare provider or access educational content on concussion.

Download on the app store or get it on google play

Download your Consent for Cognitive Testing Form and

HIPAA Registration Form to receive onsite Baseline Testing with ProAct.



Dr. Craig Milhouse

Team Physician

Los Angeles Angels / Anaheim Ducks

“Neurocognitive testing, like the testing

provided by ProAct, is one of the best tools a physician can use to provide an athlete with an accurate concussion diagnosis.”

Tyson Wahl

MLS Defender 2006-2016

“My career as a professional soccer player was cut short because of multiple concussions. I wish ProAct’s testing was available when I was a kid.”

Kevin McCarty

California State Assembly Member

"Legislation will guarantee that all participants involved in youth sports are aware of the signs and symptoms of a concussion, and take appropriate steps to prevent serious injury."

We are here to assist and answer any questions you might have about baseline testing and our service.

Need more information? Contact us.

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