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Mobile Testing

ProAct Concussion Management is the first and only mobile concussion baseline testing company in the United States. We outfit our state of the art trailers with current technology and provide the only FDA approved concussion test recognized by the medical community. Our test administrators are HIPPA compliant healthcare providers that have been trained by ProAct in concussion management.

So why is ProAct mobile testing the right choice?

Using ProAct not only provides a convenient mobile testing solution, but peace of mind that each and every athlete will be prepared for sport participation. We provide a comprehensive service including onsite education, onsite baseline concussion testing and a Concussion Action Plan (CAP) to follow in the event of an injury. Using our system, we are also able to test multiple teams in the same day.

State of the Art Technology

Each of ProAct’s test administrators will provide detailed instructions and a comfortable, supervised environment to ensure accuracy through testing. The athlete must be tested with proper oversight so test data reflects an accurate picture of pre-injury brain function. This is a critical step in the process. If an injury occurs, this baseline test becomes a valuable tool to help your treating physician determine a safe pathway for recovery. With ProAct Mobile Concussion Management, the athlete, family and coach will be better educated and have the right information to ensure the best care possible.

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