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Hometown: North Tustin, CA

Bachelors Degree: Kinesiology

Graduate Degree: Healthcare Administration

Guido Sendowsky MHA, ATC


Guido was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and moved to Huntington Beach with his family at a young age. By middle school his family moved to Fullerton, California, where he was raised and exposed to soccer at the club, high school and collegiate levels. It was during his time as a college athlete that he developed a passion for biomechanics, injury prevention and diagnosis of athletic injuries. Guido pursued his education in kinesiology and ultimately earned his certification as an Athletic Trainer. His passion for providing healthcare needs to the active population led him to pursue schooling for Healthcare Administration where he earned a Master’s degree.  


Throughout his 20 year career, Guido has worked as a head athletic trainer at the collegiate level. He recently transitioned from the clinical side of patient care to the educational side.  As a faculty professor of kinesiology and health science, he has been responsible for writing curriculum and directing sports medicine education programs. It was through his experience working with college athletes that Guido recognized the profound effect concussions had on the careers and personal lives of these high level players. Those experiences inspired to him to co-found a company that looks to provide the medical services that have for so many years been available to all but perhaps the most vulnerable athletic population, the youth athlete. 

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